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How can I get into Healthcare Advertising?

Many candidates that are looking into getting into an advertising are not sure what is involved or what type of career they will be able to get from it. If this is sounding familiar to you, look no further and read on to find out more on what is involved, the types of role available and the type of person that would fit into the advertising environment.

What is an Advertising Agency?

“What is involved in healthcare advertising? Read on to find out a definition, the types of roles and the best person fit. “

Let’s go right back to basics like we did at school, and start with a definition. An advertising agency is a business within the service sector that’s dedicated to creating, planning and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms of promotion) for its clients. As they are an independent business, they can provide an outside point of view to the client when it comes to selling their clients products or services. Some agencies will also offer their clients a service where they handle their marketing and branding strategies, as well as sales promotions if they wish.

Some agencies specialise in a certain sector, such as medical or healthcare. Additional knowledge and expert communication skills are needed to engage with a specialist target audience. If looking into branding and marketing projects, agency staff will work with the clients Brand & Marketing teams, to either start building a brand from the early stages through to launch, or support in a brand revitalisation. The delivery of promotional and support materials will be needed for the following areas:

Brand Development

Strategic Planning

Integrated Campaigns

Direct Marketing

Advertising (Press, TV, Radio)


Web Media

Sales Promotion

Education Material

Shows and Exhibitions

Sales Force Support


A career within Healthcare Advertising.

The Healthcare Advertising environment is fast-paced, creative and competitive, and usually attract candidates who are creative thinkers, ambitious and strategically minded.

Typical roles within Healthcare Advertising:

Healthcare Advertising agencies generally have Client Services and Creative Services teams. The traditional level of positions that exist within these teams are listed below:

Creative Services:

Creative Copy Writer’s (Junior – Senior Levels)  

Science Writer’s

Head of Copy

Art Director

Senior Art Director / Head of Art

Creative Director

Production Executive / Manager

Project Manager

Creative Services Manager

Studio Manager

Client Services:

Account Executive

Account Manager

Account Director

Group / Senior Account Director

Client Services Director / Client Lead

Advertising within the Healthcare and Medical sectors can be technical due to medical terminology and complex with research processes. It can also be a sensitive subject. With this mind, agencies may require writers and artists who have relevant experience in writing meaningful and accurate advertising messages, to ensure the correct impact and connection with the audience.

Person Specification for a role in Healthcare Advertising.

If you are looking for a job in Healthcare Advertising you need to be strategic in your approach, proactive, professional and a strong team player.

You should be looking to work within a dynamic and creative environment.

The majority of people who work within the healthcare advertising industry will be educated to a minimum of degree level however this will be dependent on the client as prior experience of working within the healthcare industry would also be considered. We have seen candidates whom have been in PR type roles have been looking for a role that allows them to be more creative, and they have made the switch to a role in advertising, so there is that option to consider also.

Are you looking for a job in Healthcare Advertising?

If you think that working with healthcare advertising is the right role for you, find out what current roles we have available by searching online, sending us a message or call +44 (0) 1494 818 006 or email enquiries@zenopa.com

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