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Top Tips When it Comes to Job Searching

It’s a new year and for many this sparks the start of a new you – eat more healthily, get back into exercising or trying something new, and looking for a new role!

Searching for a new job can be mind boggling. The internet has made access to finding advertised roles a lot easier, opening you up to a world of opportunities all from the comfort of your own sofa. Add the mass of choices in with an automated applicant tracking system screening that takes place across many job sites, and it can sometimes be a little difficult to stand out from the crowd.

“Searching for a new job can be like searching for a needle in a haystack sometimes. Find out more about our tricks of the trade that can help you effectively find job roles. “

Do not lose faith though! As long as you remember a few simple things and know the tricks of the trade, you can effectively search for jobs:

Don’t limit yourself to online: Online recruitment boards are great to pop a CV onto but did you know that agencies can give you much more? Talking to someone will allow you to really express what it is that you are looking to get out of your next role, rather than filling in generic information to receive job alerts into your inbox. Many agencies will work with companies that can offer exclusive roles that will not always appear on job sites, and can really tailor roles to your requirements.  On top of this, they can help to promote you to the company, and offer you advice and support when those all-important interviews happen.

Get Networking: Jobs can be found from people that you know as well as through job adverts. Talking to friends and family and old work colleagues and see if they know anyone who is looking.

Have a LinkedIn profile: 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their main search tool when looking for potential candidates for clients. Not only that, businesses with a LinkedIn Profile use it as a job advertising tool. LinkedIn can be used to your full advantage if you keep your profile up to date, and making the right connections can really help you with your search. Remember that what you enter on your profile is not set in stone, so don’t be afraid to change the content, or layout if you think it will help you to match for a particular role.

Have an up-to-date CV and Cover letter:  Even if you are not actively looking, it is always good practice to have your CV up to date just in case an opportunity arises when you are not expecting it. Having copies of your CV and covering letter is also a good idea as you can then edit the content to match the requirements of the job as necessary, and can make applying that more efficient especially if you are strapped for time.

Focus your search: It can be tempting to apply for everything that comes within your path. Focusing your search on job roles that you are suitably qualified for, will put you in a better position to being selected for an interview.  Before you start apply, really take the time to think about the type of role that you are looking for, the type of company you would like to work for, and location in which you would like to work in. You may not get everything that you are looking for, but if you can tick the majority, then it gives you scope show what you can bring to the company.

Don’t stop applying: It can take job seekers over 15 attempts before they are offered a role, so if you have a put yourself forward for a few roles, you can still keep looking and apply whilst you are waiting to hear back. Having more than one offer to consider is not always a bad position to be in.

Remain positive: If you don’t get that dream job that you were wanting, try not to take it personally. It can be upsetting, but if you ask for feedback, you can then learn from your mistakes and ensure that they don’t happen next time. By staying positive and keeping on going, the right offer will come along.

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