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We’re an innovative, rational business proposition and we make it a pleasure to do business.

Innovative because we’re on the forefront of recruitment, either having the ideas or being earliest adopters (no-one has a monopoly on innovation),
Rational, because when you add up the numbers, including the loss of skilled time you or your team lose from your core tasks, we’ve financially helped you move forward,
Pleasure,because we believe in making it so, it makes all our lives better.

Enable your business and your team to benefit, by selecting Zenopa as your Pharmaceutical Recruitment partner.

Roles we recruit for within the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Pharmaceutical Roles  People working in  Salary Range 
MD/CEO/General Manager  c. 180 £100K+
Marketing Director c. 1,900 £85 - £100K
Marketing Manager c. 1,900 £70 - £85K
Brand/Product Manager c. 1,900 £55 - £75K
Market Intelligence c. 500 £50 - £75K
Research Analyst c. 500 £50 - £75K
Market Access (pre launch)  c. 400 £70 - £95K
Health Economics c. 200 £60 - £75K
Medical Science Liaison c. 350 £55 - £75K
Field Force Management c. 1,600 £60 - £80K
Field Training c. 400 £50 - £60K
Office Training c. 400 £50 - £60K
Sales Force Excellence c. 400 £50 - £70K
Field Market Access (post launch)  c. 900 £50 - £70K
Key Account Manager c. 1,800 £50 - £60K
Secondary Care c. 1,400 £50 - £60K
Primary & Secondary Care c. 1,800 £35 - £50K
Primary Care c. 1,300 £25 - £45K
Nurse Advisors c. 200 £20 - £30K

Further detail can be provided on enquiry from our salary surveys.

If you are:
- Seeking the “best” candidate in the market
- Seeking a person that will remain with your organisation
- Looking to reduce the time to start date
- Want to reduce your costs (inc. your time) spent recruiting
- Looking for ‘Recruitment with Integrity - transparency and auditability

Then we at Zenopa can help!

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"In a particularly difficult market, Zenopa identified some very strong candidates for interview and, subsequently, appointment."
"I have found Zenopa to be attentive to the client needs, reacting well to feedback and always solution focused."
"Zenopa stayed close to the brief and through their clear understanding of the candidate profile and an excellent screening process, we now have three new team members, recruited in rapid succession."

Proudly working with...

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals
UCB Pharmaceuticals
Roche Products Limited
Reckitt Benckiser
Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited
Bayer Healthcare
Leo Pharma
Alliance Pharmaceuticals
Tillotts Pharma UK Ltd
Pfizer Limited
Teoxane UK
Correvio (UK) Ltd
Sinclair Pharma UK
AbbVie Limited
Grunenthal Ltd
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group Plc

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