Novo Nordisk's Saxenda demonstrates sustained weight loss benefits

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Novo Nordisk has announced the findings of a new clinical study that demonstrates the weight loss benefits associated with its obesity drug Saxenda.

A post-hoc analysis of data from the SCALE Maintenance trial has shown that adults who lost at least five percent of their initial weight during a low-calorie run-in period and subsequently treated with Saxenda were more likely to maintain their weight loss and shed additional weight over 56 weeks when compared to placebo.

“Novo Nordisk's Saxenda has been shown to deliver sustainable weight loss over a 56-week period in a new trial.“

This is an important finding, as many people treated for obesity often regain a certain amount of weight after their initial weight loss reaches a plateau and they enter a maintenance phase with less stringent caloric restriction.

Trial investigator Dr Sean Wharton, medical director at the Wharton Medical Clinic in Ontario, said: "This data is very encouraging to clinicians in this specialist setting, because it shows that early responders to Saxenda are able to both maintain and achieve additional weight loss."

Saxenda functions by increasing the body's feelings of fullness and satiety while lowering feelings of hunger and prospective food consumption, thereby leading to reduced food intake and subsequent weight loss.

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