Astellas award winners make prostate cancer breakthrough

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Astellas has announced that a team which recently won its Astellas European Foundation Urology Prize Fund Award has made a key breakthrough in prostate cancer research.

Scientists at France's Institut Bergonie have achieved their goal of identifying new gene targets for use in the development of alternative strategies to treat prostate cancer, just four years after receiving the Astellas award.

“Astellas has highlighted a prostate cancer research breakthrough made by a French research team that received a grant from the company four years ago.“

Led by Dr Nadine Houede, the researchers found that six specific genes may play an important role in the sensitivity of high-grade prostate tumours to platinum derivative-based anti-cancer drugs.

Astellas' funding was essential in helping the team to obtain a proof of concept for this research.

Ken Jones, trustee of the Astellas European Foundation and president and chief executive officer of Astellas Pharma Europe, said: "This type of scientific research is absolutely vital ... and enabling scientists from across Europe to make progress in this work is exactly what the awards were set up to do."

This comes after the firm announced the appointment of Dr Claire Thom as its new senior vice-president for global oncology development earlier this month.

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