Philips to launch adaptive planning software for Pinnacle3 system

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Philips has announced plans to launch new adaptive planning software to enhance the functionality of its radiation treatment planning system Pinnacle3.

The software is currently at the work-in-progress stage and is being designed to help address physical changes throughout the therapy process, an issue that causes complications with creating plans that can consistently deliver appropriate dosage levels.

Philips new system would tackle this issue in three stages, firstly by assessing patients to see whether treatment plans need changing, before adapting strategies to reflect their altered anatomy and automating workflows to avoid bottlenecks being created.

Although products exist that address elements of this process, Philips states that its new software will be the first to tackle all problems in a holistic manner.

The company said it will "facilitate the different types of adaptive workflows that users need, making it easy to handle the complex workflow of adapting a treatment plan multiple times and also making it practical and economic".

Last month, the manufacturer revealed that it earned a total of ten Good Design Awards in 2011, thanks to the innovative nature of its products.

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