Teva UK provides bursaries for UK pharmacy students

Pharmacy Supplier News

Teva UK has provided a number of bursaries to British pharmacy students who are struggling to afford the cost of tuition.

The consumer health company has provided financial support to Tahir Ali Shabi, Whitney Yeboah, Ian Osborne and Layequr Rahma, all of whom are currently enrolled on degree courses around the country.

It has offered bursaries of this kind for three consecutive years, with funding available to all home UK students attending a full-time undergraduate course approved by a school of pharmacy or similar.

Lynda Wilebore, the company's human resources director, said the scheme is part of Teva UK's commitment to supporting the future of the UK pharmacy sector.

She added: "We hope our bursary scheme will make an important contribution to the lives of underprivileged students in the UK, particularly at a time when financial considerations are becoming a prime concern for individuals."

Earlier this month, Teva published its financial results for 2010, during which the company experienced its best-ever annual sales performance.

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