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Tesco Pharmacy to offer health checks

21 December 2007 00:00 in Pharmacy / Pharmacist News

A number of Tesco stores are to offer health checks alongside people's groceries, it has been announced.

The supermarket giant will be offering the health MOTs in all its stores which contain a pharmacy from January 2nd.

Health checks will cost ?20 and check patients for signs of blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Philip Banks, Tesco Pharmacy services manager, suggested the checks would help Tesco's customers adopt a healthier lifestyle.

He said: "Understanding more about your health is vital to staying fit and well ? It will be convenient to check out your health at the same time as you do your weekly shopping."

York GP David Fair told the York Press that he was concerned about such testing being offered in supermarkets as it should be conducted by someone with access to a patient's records and medical history.

Tesco Pharmacy does not just dispense drugs, it offers help quitting smoking, reviews of medicine reviews and blood pressure testing.

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