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Pharmacom Media


We belive that the true difference between communications success and communications excellence happens at the point where strategy and innovation converge. That is the genesis of Pharmacom Media.

Headed up by a dynamic duo: a healthcare comms strategist and an expert in creative technology medical education, and supported by diverse industry specialists, Pharmacom Media is the happy product of its unusual hybrid core, its insightful philosophy, its exceptional talent network and its ethical culture.

Pharmacom Media is an independent full service medical communications agency that offers that little bit more to domestic and international clients whether within the pharmaceutical industry, professional bodies or clinical institutions.

We believe that our clients buy people as well as services and we know that our people are our most important asset. Thats why we choose carefully and value our staff and partners so highly. As a result of this philosophy, Pharmacom Media is a seamless collective of highly talented staff and an extensive expertise network with a combined century of experience. Through them, we deliver truly integrated offerings across the spectrum of healthcare communications needed.

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